Robot Vacuum Cleaner QQ6 with Newest WIFI App Function

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Product Description

Smartphone WIFI APP robot vacuum cleaner QQ6 have dry turning mop part and water tank part optional, you can use dry mop function only, you also can use water tank part which do wet and dry mop.



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 Why it is the Newest Model? Just Read it 


  NEWEST Smartphone WIFI APP Control :which is more smarter and Easier for the operation.

1. Water tank: do sweeping, vacuum, wet mop and dry mop at the same time.

2.Creative Cover:You can design Any cover that you like, rose ,Cartoon, Bulding etc....So OEM are welcomed(200pcs accepted) 
3. Super strong suction:Soy, rice can easily be adsorbed. You can see from the video.
4.Sonic wall: with Ultrasonic sensor which make more sentive than other models.
5.Update Material of the Rolling Brush: Fiber and Aluminum alloy steel material 
6: New Design Suction Mouth :  automatically adjust the suction height according the different environment etc...   
Dry Mop  Structure 

 Wet and Dry Mop  Structure (with water tank)



 This product is a revolutionary robot cleaner:

1. Smart cleaning: Pressing the AUTO key, robot vacuum cleaner will do cleaning in automatic condition.

2. Remote control: Wireless remote control.

3. Automatic charging: It will get into recharging mode in advance when theBattery is going to run out. And then it will search for charging base to charge Automatically.

4. Ultrathin fuselage: It can drill down to the bottom of bed and sofa to clean.
5. five cleaning patternsAlong wall, Polyponal Spiral,Spot Spiral,Special Bounce)
6. 2pcs Side brush: The side brush is equipped in the right side of the fuselage, so that Robot vacuum cleaner can clean the corners of the room conveniently.
7. Touch panel :You can master the working condition through the menu Display.
8. Anti-falling system: It can avoid dropping off from the table, stairs, and any other high Place under normal circumstances.
9. Material: Fireproof, waterproof and antistatic ABS with textured back shell.
10. Virtual wall(with Ulrtrasonic sensor): It can block area by sending special infrared signal so as to prevent the cleaner from entering some unnecessary areas 
11. UV sterilization: It can kill bacteria in the house and create a comfortable and fresh environment.
12. Low noise and energy saving: The working noise is lower than 55dB. 
13. Self-help: After being caught in 10s, the robot cleaner will power off automatically for security.
14. Anti-collision system: The robot cleaner will adjust the direction automatically when it runs into obstructions.

15.Garbage box full reminder:When the garbage box is full, the robot will you automaticly with" FU" in the display.

16.Ultrasonic Sensor:Bulit-in ultrasonic detection instrument to determine the extent of the ground clean, make the cleaning more effective.

17.Update version with mop parts ,can vacuum and mop the floor in the same time ,make the floor more clean .

18.New material of the roller brushes( fiber with Alum alloy steel) will make it more durable .

19.Suspension type vortex dust mouth design can automaticly adjust the height according the different environmental height, will make the floor more clean.

20: Self Problem Check,when the robot have the problem ,it will shows the error code in the display.


 Robot Cleaner Specification:


Model NO.:  QQ6
Application:  Wet and Dry
Feature:  Without Bag
Classification:  Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Type:  Cyclone
Certification:  CE
Color:  Blue Heart, Rose, Red
Diameter : 33cm
Height 7cm
Weight: 3.2kg
Dust Bin Capacity: 0.4 liter
Speed : 18.5~20.5 cm/sec
Voltage:  DC 14.4V
Power consumption:  25W
Remote controller type : IR
Indicator type : LED with pattern
Noise Level:  Max. 55dB
Suction Power : 2.0m/sec
Sweep capacity : rubbish size L: 6cm , Section : 0.9cm x 0.9cm
Cleaning Algorithms
1.  Special Bounce
2.  Spiral
3.    Along Wall
4.    "S" Shape
5.   Polygonal Spiral
Charging Time:  2.5hours
Battery :  Ni-MH 2200mA
Running Time:  80 minutes
Room coverage : 4.8m*4m in 15min.
Crawling up ability : 8.0mmMax.
Non-colliding-sensor detected height min. 5.5cm
Non-colliding-sensor detected width 45°in ahead  >6.5cm ; -22.5°~-82.5°>2.5cm ; +22.5°~+82.5°>2.5cm    
Non-colliding-sensor detected distance <5cm


Color Blue heart&Red&Rose Running Time 80 minutes
Voltage DC 14.4V Working Area 4.8M*4.0Min 20 min.
Power 25W Charging Time 2.5hours
Noise Level Max.55dB G.W 4.6KG
Size 33cm*8cm(Dia*H) N.W 3.6KG
Battery Ni-MH2200mA Gift box size 52.7cm*39cm*13.9cm
Dust Bin Capacity 0.4L Carton Size 54*58.5*41cm(4PCS/CTN)


What`s in the colorbox?
1 X Main unit
1 X Charging base
1 X box of spare parts ( side brush *1 + filter* 1 )
1 X Remote Control 
1 X Virtual wall (battery is rechargeable)
1 X Charger
1 X Manual
1 X Cleaner brush
1 X Hair-cleaner-tool
1 X Mop Parts and 1X Water tank(wet and dry mop parts)



Contact information:
Contact name:Cherry or Melody
Company:Xiamen Fast Cleaner Co.,LTD
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