Super Car Double Use For Auto Vacuum Cleaner With Handhold Portable Vacuum Cleaner

ID: 266

Product Description

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Mini robot vacuum cleaner and handhold portable vacuum cleaner double use robot QQ4


Robot vacuum cleaner QQ4 Features :

1 side brush cleaning;

Anti-Drop sensor;
Robot vacuum cleaner and handhold portable vacuum cleaner option;
Light-sensitive sensor dust detection; 
Ultrasonic detector running detection; 
Automatic clean on home hard floor,Capet,tile;
NI-MH,12V,1200mAhX2 Rechargeable Power battery worked;

Clean efficiency 99% ,ideal for ashes, larger debris even screws;

Automatic find the dust;even the dust under furniture of height 10cm;

Detect the wall and furniture in advanced;

Four Navigation Program: Spiral line and Random ,Wall detect, automatically avoiding obstacle;

Working time schedule;

Smart to show its power capacity from LED display;

Noise level: 50dB

Flight sensor to avoild the machine stuck under the furinture or bed;


General Specification
Diameter 35*20cm
Height 10cm
Weight 2.2KG
Dust Bin capacity (litres) 0.35 liter
Noise  Max.50dB
Speed 23-27 cm/sec
Power consumption  18W
Remote controller type IR
Indicator type LED with pattern
Suction Power (Air Speed) 6m/sec
Cleaning Algorithms 1. Spiral
2. Special Bounce
3. Along Wall
4. ”S” Shape
Battery Type NiMH1200mAH*2
Charging Time 2.5hrs
Running Time Min.60minutes
Cleaning Brush
Side brush 1pc
Filter types HEPA
Sensor Type 
Bumper  NO 
Cliff  Yes
Non Collide Yes
Crawling up ability 1.5cm Max.
Non-colliding-sensor detected height Min. 2.5cm
Non-colliding-sensor detected width < 1cm
Non-colliding-sensor detected distance < 5cm
Room coverage  4.8m*4m in 25min.
Accessories included
 Charger type Adaptor 20VDC 1000mA
Constant Current
 Remote control Yes
 Extra filters  Yes(x1)
Clean Brush Yes (x1)
Additional Features
Deodorizer Deodorizer slot
Floor Types Suitable
Hard Wood Yes
Tiles Yes
Linoleum Yes
Carpet Carpet hair not longer 1cm


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