4In 1 Multifunctional Robot Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description









Our automatic vacuum cleaner has Disposable bag for dustbin( Patented); Dirt detection function; Mopping function; Self-charging;UV;


Disposable bag for dustbin, which is the breakthrough for the robot vacuum cleaner.


1  Anti-tangle Technology 

Improved anti-tangle technology keeps robot from getting stuck on cards, carpet fringe and tassels. It can skip through 2CM height wire smoothly. It is with climbing ability, which can climb up to 45 degree slope.  



2  On board scheduling or Timing clean setting function

Preset any time in the cleaning day or some days or everyday of one week so that it can clean your house automatically while you are working or on business trip. 


3  Dirt Detection Function

Good Robot-750 is with dirt detection function. During the operation of the robot, if it reaches a place with a lot of dirt or debris, the robot will increase intensity to such area and prolong the cleaning time.


4: LED display and indicator instruction

Good Robot-750 can identify various abnormal condition and the indicator will flicker accordingly once there is a problem during cleaning process, such as low power/ side brushes need to be cleaned/ the dustbin is not setup/rolling brush ,slider brush or wheel gets something wrong, which can indicate directly through LED display. 


5  Multi- modes for cleaning

Personalized cleaning mode to meet different cleaning need for different families to achieve the most perfect cleaning efficiency. Auto cleaning mode: maximum cleaning coverage; Spot cleaning mode: partial cleaning, cleaning along the walls or furniture.


6  Low noise: < 50dB

Compare with similar robots in the market, it is with the lowest noise so that you can focus on work or study while cleaning.


7  Flexible side brush

Single motor to control side brush’s work to make robot even more efficient at cleaning edges and corners.


8  UV Lamp for Sterilization with Fragrance.

Turn on the UV lamp during the cleaning process for sterilization, you can choose the fragrance function as well.


9  Mopping Function

The mopping part is mainly designed to cooperate with Robot adjunctively to fulfill cleaning floor. The mopping, which is made of high fiber, is with high absorb ability of water. It can be used in wet and dry condition. 


10  0.7L Large Capacity Dustbin—0.7L

Large capacity of dustbin: Pick up more hair and debirs and easier to be removed. Filter functions can avoid secondary pollution effectively and don’t dirty the hands.


11  Display Indicate Charging Status

During the charging process, the display will show the charging status. Green light is flashing, which means it is in charge. Green light keeps on, which means charge is completed. After charging completed, Good Robot 999 will turn into low current input status, so you do not need to worry about overcharge it 


12  Virtual Wall

The virtual wall is an accessory. It sends some special IR signals to form a blocked area to prevent the cleaner from entering unnecessary areas. It is so named”virtual wall” because this function acts like a wall.


13  Self-charging Function

When it is in “docking” mode, it will searching the charging dock station after work and enter the standby status. The robot will automatically start to search the charging dock station for recharge when the battery level is lower than 15% during the cleaning process. The robot will remember work schedule and go on cleaning work after charging. 


14  Mini Body

Good Robot 750 is only with 9.5cm height and 32cm diameter, which can go through under sofa and bed.


Product Specifications:

power Supply: Input AC 100--240V 50/60 Hz

Output DC: 22V

Unit average Power: 45--60 Watt

NI-ion Battery Voltage: 14.4 V 2500 AH

Charge time: 3.5--4.5 Hours; Working time: 60--90 minutes 


Main Accessories:

Main cleaner unit*1

Virtual wall *1

Adaptor *1

Charger base *1

Side Brush *2

Brush clean tool* 1

Remote controller *1

Mopping* 2

Disposable bag *10

Operating manual *1

 Certificate: CE, RoHs 

 Manufacturing Capacity: 10,000 pcs per month


Warranty Time:


1 year ,we supply the free spare parts for client to repair if any quality problem.


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