Mini Robotic Vacuum Cleaner(With 2 side Brushes)

ID: 276

Product Description

Product Description



3 in 1 Multifunctional  Mini Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Only with 7.5cm height and 27cm diameter, which can go through under sofa and bed.


(1) With mopping function.
(2) Dirt detection fucntion: During the operation of the robot, if it reaches a place with a lot of dirt or debris, the robotwill prolong the cleaning time
(3) Infrared sensor at bumper head to redirect the rout before collision
(4) Safely power off function: if the wheels stuck off, it will shut off automatically.
(5) Multi- modes for cleaning: Auto cleaning mode and Spot cleaning mode, Wall cleaning mode
(6) Easy to take out spare parts and replace,removable and washable rubbish box
(08) Flexible side brush. Single motor to control side brush’s work to make robot even more efficient at cleaning edges and corners.
(9) Double side brushes more cleanly and more efficient.

(10) With Anti-falling function 

 (11) Three kinds of intelligent working modes:Random, Spiral, Along the wall. Turbo Cross blanket search, no dead ends

.(12). Intake closer to the ground, make better cleaning, cotton, hair, and even rice can be inhaled.



Warranty :1 year,we supply the free spare parts for the client if any quality problem.



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