Wall Climbing Function Remote Control Commerical Use Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner Robot

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Product Description

Product Description


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Pls Note ,the price is with carry cart, and the packing is with 2 boxes, one is with robot pool cleaner ,and one is with carry cart.


And now the robot pool cleaner is updated with spong brush which is good for cleaning.

Commerical Use Robotic Automatic pool cleaner Icleaner-200D with 40m Cable For Big Pool Size( At least 1000m2) With Caddy cart








Robot Swimming Pool Cleaner/ Pool Vacuum Cleaner Automatic Robot  Product Description 

The swimming pool cleaner robot is a new type of effective cleaning equipment independently developed by our company. It has three parts, the cleaning machine, the power console and the control panel. The cleaning machine is controlled by computer and thoroughly scrubs the bottom and sides of the pool which continuously filtering water. It does not need to change water after cleaning utterly changes the traditional way of pool cleaning, which not only saves physical labor and expensive costs but also valuable water resources. The product originates at home and takes a lead in the world as a result of its high performance and cost ratio. 

Product Features 
1. The 24V DC supplied ensures safety. 
2. Different cleaning schedules are available according to automatically distinguishing of current overload. 
3. Intelligently makes a cleaning path plan. 
4. Automatically realizes forward movement, backward movement, left and right movement. 
5. Automatically detects obstacles ahead, automatically avoids and prevents collisions. 
6. Systematically wipes the ground and the sides, automatically cleans and filters. 
7. A powerful vacuum filtration system efficiently removes leaves, hair, soil, dust, algae and particles as small as 2 microns at the bottom of the pool, improves the chemical structure and the temperature cycle of water, and determines water circulation. 
8. Ultra-lightweight, durable, environmental protected, removable, reusable filter bag.

9. Caddy Cart, Easier to move the robot from the pool to the storage.







1. Use 2 track belts to go on walking transmission, simplifying the traditional multiple synchronous belt with tracked transmission mode.

 2, Change the rotating shaft installation of traditional machine which adopts 16 high precision 440C stainless steel bearings,

 3, Output end of walking motor adopts cross sliding shaft connector to connect.

 4. Running becomes more smoothly, more stable, less energy consumption, and life compared to the traditional institutions increased by 300%.

 5, Increase the stair climbing function

 6, Increase the anti blocking function

 7. Increase the temperature monitoring of motor-box function

 8. Increase the water leakage detection of motor-box function

 9, Improve the waterproof performance

 10.The software from backstage supporter can be upgraded, maintenance


Work Priciple:

The Pool Vacuum Cleaner with Remote controller  is a new type of highly efficient swimming pool cleaning robot.

Through its advanced computer controlled program, it can clean the pool walls and bottom automatically.

At the same time, it fillters the pool water and gets rid of suspended particles.


Production Area&Warehouse:


Professional Workers use high-tech equipment to finsih the production of Robot Swimming Pool Cleaner

1)Test in the Pool

2)Quality Control

3)Assemble the Spare Parts

4)Enough Raw Materials in Stock



12 Months Warranty, we will supply spare parts free if any quality problem.




Contact information:
Contact name:Cherry or Melody
Company:Xiamen Fast Cleaner Co.,LTD
Email: cherry@fastcleaner.com.cn
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