Robot Window Cleaning Remote Control Glass Cleaner Robot

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Product Description




What’s the window cleaning robot?

WS-600 Window Spirit is a glass-cleaning robot, with a vacuum motor inside that can suck air and stand on the glass surface.

It also can clean the table, floor, wall, door, ceiling and all flat surface.


How to work?




Read all instructions before operating the device WARNING:

1.    Fasten the safety rope and tie to indoor fixture before operating the device.

2.    Check if the safety rope is broken or the knot is loose before operating the device.

3.    Set danger-warning area downstairs for no-balcony window and door.

4.    Battery shall be full-charged (green lamp ON) before using.

5.    Do not use it in rainy or moist day.

6.    Turn power on before put device onto glass.

7.    Make sure appliance can stick and stand on glass surface while put onto glass.

8.    Before turn power off, please hold device.

9.    Do not use it on frame-less glass.

10. Make sure put cleaning ring onto cleaning wheel correctly for no leakage.

11. Do not spray or pour water onto the appliance.

12. Prohibit children from using this device.

13. Remove anything on the glass. Do not use on cracked glass. Reflective or coating glass might be slightly scratched due to dirt on the glass while operating.

14. Keep hair, loose clothing, fingers, and all parts of body away from the openings and moving parts.

15. Do no use in areas with existed flammable or combustible liquids, gas.






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